Costa light…. (yuck give me the real stuff)

After a non productive week I thought I would treat myself to my favourite coffee, in my favourite coffee shop, then I remembered I was cutting down on high fat treats and blurted out …..

“a Costa light please.” (strike me dumb)

word of warning if anything says ‘light’ or ‘healthy’ steer well clear of it.

So to get over the shock I took myself shopping….cured


About care2012

today (actually last night) I decided to start my own business as I have worked in the care industry for so long, after a day of phone calls to various authorities I feel no further ahead than I was before, so I thought I would write a blogg to keep a note of procedures, frustrations, break throughs etc. and hopefully get a few tips on the way. I hope to keep this blogg going until the day I start my own business officially.
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