Pride and joy

the mist lay heavy on a chilly bright October morning, dew glistened on tiny intricate cobwebs covering the ferns and saplings littering the vast green fields where a small well trodden path ambled its way to a small isolated cottage with pretty stone walls, and tiny unkempt windows which looked over the Devonshire countryside, a plume of smoke rose up through the small chimney and a flickering light from the kitchen window made ‘tymans’ cottage a very welcoming sight for Jack’s sore eyes. the year was 1902 Jack and Annie Fledglings home, Jack and Annie Fledglings pride and joy.

Annie looking as beautiful as ever had just put a couple of logs on the fire and was wiping her hands in her pinny she welcomed Jack with a vibrant smile “Hello Jack, you should have woken me, I would have made you a brew before you left for milkin.” Jack put down his heavy churn and walked lovingly up to his wife and held her small rough hands in his, “I told you before mrs Fledgling your to take it easy, in six weeks were going to have our very first little babby and I want you both fit and well, go lay down, and I will make a fresh  brew for us both.” Jack tapped Annie’s bottom and she shrilled with laughter.


About care2012

today (actually last night) I decided to start my own business as I have worked in the care industry for so long, after a day of phone calls to various authorities I feel no further ahead than I was before, so I thought I would write a blogg to keep a note of procedures, frustrations, break throughs etc. and hopefully get a few tips on the way. I hope to keep this blogg going until the day I start my own business officially.
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