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About care2012

today (actually last night) I decided to start my own business as I have worked in the care industry for so long, after a day of phone calls to various authorities I feel no further ahead than I was before, so I thought I would write a blogg to keep a note of procedures, frustrations, break throughs etc. and hopefully get a few tips on the way. I hope to keep this blogg going until the day I start my own business officially.

Pride and joy

the mist lay heavy on a chilly bright October morning, dew glistened on tiny intricate cobwebs covering the ferns and saplings littering the vast green fields where a small well trodden path ambled its way to a small isolated cottage with pretty stone walls, and tiny … Continue reading

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Costa light…. (yuck give me the real stuff)

After a non productive week I thought I would treat myself to my favourite coffee, in my favourite coffee shop, then I remembered I was cutting down on high fat treats and blurted out ….. “a Costa light please.” (strike me … Continue reading

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